NFT GONE WILD EVENT : 17 -18 Nov 2021 ,8 AM — 2 PM EST

We’ll Have a Special Giveaway for #LongAsset Token Holders with a Total Prize of up to 60 FREE TICKET for the GECKO CONFERENCE!


This Special Event will Lead you to understand more about “NFT Future”.

How to Participate in the GIVEAWAY
1. Like, Share, Retweet & Tag Twitter @LongAsset @Coingecko
2. Send us your LongAsset Wallet (BEP20) & Twitter Username via Email

Our Email:

The Winner will be announced on September 5th, 2021.
Ticket Access will be given to the winner a few days before the GECKO CONFERENCE EVENT be held

Phase 4
May 9th, 2021
A total of 20 million 🐲 Long tokens will be 🔥 burned!

The last phase
May 10th, 2021
A total of 20 million 🐲 Long tokens will be 🔥 burned!

We will complete this in accordance with the 🗓schedule that has been made, this is…

You can get a 💰 reward from Farming & Staking through the Platform for 6 months with a total reward of 74 million #LONG

Congratulation 1-day achievements
Total Value Locked (TVL) $ 500K and will continue to rise.

To save costs on #farming & #staking or #harvest, you can…

Congratulations #Airdropers for your participation, now the participant has reached 10K, the Airdrop has been completed.

We have a great #announcement: Airdrop distribution is forward to April 25th, 2021

Make sure your wallet address is #BSC #BEP20, if there is an input error, you cannot claim it again.

🤝 Thank you 🤝

First Literature Non-Fungible Token #NFT in Crypto Assets

Our BSC Smart Contract

More info :

Get your chance to have First Literature NFT in the world.

Airdrops will be given to 10K participants who have completed the Task via telegram bot Join this Link

Total Reward 1 Million LONG
Airdrop Distribution is given by April 30th, 2021

The steps are very easy to complete your task and get LONG Tokens, the balance will be immediately sent to your wallet after the airdrop is sufficient for 10K participants.

Happy Airdropers!

As form of BTA’s commitment in building long-term projects going forward

As well as our attitude in responding to the problem of the difference between hours of creating LP LONG-BTA, which occurred because of the Miscommunication between the programmer team and our news team, we want to handled this wisely and sure BTA will get better in the future.

To compensate for our negligence, we will make sacrifices by Burn LONG token.

Tokens that will burn are tokens belonging to the developer totaling 100 million LONG and will be conduct 5 stages of burning.

Phase 1 of Burn is on April 22nd 2021.

Thank you for your attention.
We always want to do the best for our Strong Community.

Please do trading via @pancakeswap

Make sure the Smart contract that is entered is correct below is our smart contract:

Monitor prices via Dex Guru

Monitor real-time transactions via telegram bot

With the ecosystem staking support, Farming & NFT Marketplace, Long Asset has the potential to increase by 100X

LONG asset is one of BTA best ecosystems.

Long Asset #NFT 🌈 Token

First Literature Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in Crypto Assets

Long Asset Token functions for Staking, Farming, and can also be used for transactions at the #LONG #NFT #Marketplace, #Collectibles & #NFTs.

On April 17th, 2021 08:00 am UTC

Website 🌐 Launch
Whitepaper 📄 & Roadmap 🧭 Release
Create LP Pool 🥞 pancakeswap

The network currently used is the #Bsc-chain #network

Next will be Available on the #BTA-chain network

Max Supply: 500 Million #LONG

Pair On pancakeswap

200Million LONG Create LP + 100K BTA
LP Lock for 🗓 1 Year

Starting Price 💰 Estimated $ 0.0007 / #LONG

You will get complete information about the whitepaper, Roadmap, and Tokenomic after our website is launch.

For information about #LONG Asset, you can visit our website and social media below:


Long Asset NFT Token

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